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Book Fair Calendar

Pasadena Antiquarian Book, Print, Photo & Paper Fair.  Pasadena, CA.   October 3–4, 2015.

Dublin Book Fair.  Dublin, Ireland.   October 3–4, 2015.

Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair.  Seattle, WA.   October 10–11, 2015.

Bloomsbury Book Fair.  London, England.   October 11, 2015.

Michigan Antiquarian Book & Paper Show.  Lansing, MI.   October 11, 2015.     (more information)

Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair.  Ottawa, Canada.   October 18, 2015.

Pioneer Valley Vintage Book & Ephemera Fair.  Northampton, MA.   October 18, 2015.     (more information)

Cleveland Antiquarian Book & Paper Show.  Shaker Heights, OH.   October 18, 2015.

Manhasset Antiques & Decorative Show.  Manhasset, NY.   October 24–25, 2015.     (more information)

Long Island Antiquarian Book Fair.  Brookville, NY.   October 31–November 1, 2015.     (more information)

Old Book & Paper Show.  Toronto, Canada.   November 1, 2015.

Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair.  Toronto, Ontario (Canada).   November 6–8, 2015.

Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair.  London, England.   November 6–7, 2015.

San Marino Postcard & Paper Fair.  San Marino, CA.   November 7–8, 2015.

Bloomsbury Book Faiir.  London, England.   November 8, 2015.

Boston Book Fair.  Boston, MA.   November 13–15, 2015.     (more information)

Bloomsbury Book Fair.  London, England.   December 13, 2015.

Papermania Plus.  Hartford, CT.   January 9–10, 2016.

San Francisco Book, Print & Ephemera Fair.  San Mateo, CA.   February 5–6, 2016.     (more information)

California International Antiquarian Book Fair.  Pasadena, CA.   February 12–14, 2016.     (more information)

Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair.  New York, NY.   February 19–21, 2016.     (more information)

Akron Antiquarian Book & Paper Show.  Akron, OH.   March 25–26, 2016.

Long Island Antiquarian Book Fair.  Brookville, NY.   April 2–3, 2016.     (more information)

New York Antiquarian Book Fair.  New York, NY.   April 7–10, 2016.

Manhattan Vintage Book & Ephemera Fair .  New York, NY .   April 9, 2016.     (more information)

Cooperstown Antiquarian Book Fair.  Cooperstown, NY.   June 25, 2016.

Book Auction Calendar

Sotheby’s.  London, England.   September 30, 2015.

National Book Auctions.  Ithaca, NY.   October 4, 2015.

Sotheby’s.  New York, NY.   October 6, 2015.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   October 15, 2015.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   October 15, 2015.     (more information)

Bonhams.  New York, NY.   October 19, 2015.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   October 22, 2015.     (more information)

Freeman’s.  Philadelphia, PA.   October 22, 2015.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   October 27, 2015.     (more information)

Doyle .  New York, NY.   October 27, 2015.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   October 29, 2015.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   November 3–4, 2015.     (more information)

Heritage Auctions.  New York, NY.   November 4–5, 2015.

Bonhams.  New York, NY.   November 9, 2015.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   November 10, 2015.     (more information)

Bonhams.  London, England.   November 11, 2015.

Leslie Hindman.  Chicago, IL.   November 11, 2015.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   November 12, 2015.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   November 12, 2015.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   November 19, 2015.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   November 19, 2015.     (more information)

Doyle.  New York, NY.   November 23, 2015.

Bonhams.  Oxford, England.   November 24, 2015.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   November 24, 2015.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   December 3, 2015.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   December 8, 2015.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   December 15, 2015.     (more information)

Bonhams.  New York, NY.   December 16, 2015.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   December 17, 2015.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   January 14, 2016.     (more information)

by John Huckans
The Oregon Tragedy

In Another Publication Goes Digital & Narcissism's Darker Side (March 2013) I commented on the then recent mass murder of school children by a celebrity-seeking, criminal narcissist whose name I've forgotten – but if you happen to remember who it was, please don't bother telling me. I have a hard enough time remembering important things.

At any rate, the latest, at a community college in Oregon, happened on a gun-free campus making it a bit safer for the shooter to go about his business.  But this time, according to several witnesses, the tragedy has all the hallmarks of a religious hate crime. ...more

Portraits, Nature Images, Architecture Works Headline Swann's October 15th Sale

On Thursday, October 15, Swann Galleries’ Photographs & Photobooks department will offer Icons & Images: Fine & Vernacular Photographs, featuring portraits by Sally Mann and Irving Penn, geometric and architectural images from Vera Lutter and Barbara Kasten, serene images of nature from Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz as well as vernacular imagery including works from the collection of noted Folk Art dealer Gerald Kornblau. ...more

The Morgan Presents First Major Museum Exhibition on Life and Writings of Hemingway

In July 1918, Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961) was serving as a volunteer with the Red Cross on the Italian Front during World War I when he was seriously wounded by mortar fire.  He was just eighteen.  Later he would write, “When you go to war as a boy you have a great illusion of immortality. Other people get killed; not you . . . Then when you are badly wounded the first time you lose that illusion and you know it can happen.”  Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars is the first museum exhibition devoted to one of the most celebrated writers of the twentieth century.  His direct, spare style influenced successive generations of authors around the world.  And tens of millions would read his books and never forget the stories and characters in ...more

by Michael Pixley
Death of a Book Store

It was probably during the summer of 1998 that I made two important decisions. First, I would retire from the Foreign Service in July 1999 (when I turned fifty years old).  Secondly, I would start my own book business. After all, I had held on to my quite considerable academic library (accumulated in the 1970s) and that would constitute the ‘seeds’ of my yet to be realized venture. The only critical question was… what next? ...more

News & Notes

Thirty Years On and Still Going Strong

The Michigan Antiquarian Book & Paper Show started in 1985 when a stamp and coin show scheduled at the Washington Avenue armory in Lansing, Michigan had extra space available.  Allen and Penny Crabtree of Eaton Rapids and Ray Walsh of East Lansing decided to add books.  That first year there were only 30 exhibitors, but the show quickly became popular and expanded, first moving to the Lansing Civic Center and then on to the Lansing Center. ...more

by Anthony Marshall
A Body in a Library

There are twelve of us in total, gathered here in the library. The usual suspects? Not exactly. But many of the faces are familiar to me, and probably also to my friend, Steve Brazil, who has a secondhand bookshop in Melbourne. I've invited him to accompany me on this investigation. His role is to play Dr. Watson, while I play Sherlock Holmes. With his military background – five years spent as a volunteer in the Australian Defence Force, as a means of dodging the Vietnam war draft – he should be handy with a revolver. Or perhaps not. Steve is frankly a weedy-looking individual, with pacifist instincts. Still, it's good to have someone along, however puny, to mind my back. This crowd looks mean, someone is dead, and things could turn ugly.

Just kidding. We're not here to investigate a murder. But there is a body. It's a body of people called the Book Collectors' Society of Australia (BCSA). And there is a library: the State Library of Victoria, smack in the middle of Melbourne, and that's where we are ...more

Prices Achieved at Recent Auctions

Highlights from Freeman's April 23rd Auction

Freeman’s 23 April auction of Books, Maps & Manuscripts including Photographs presented clients with a wide range of works on paper, including first editions, presidential ephemera, early views of the American West and notable autograph material.  The sale featured an assortment of important works of early travel literature, early color plate books, ballet handbills, prints, photographs, autographs, and other ephemera from the private collection of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clifford.  Highlights of the Photography portion of the 574 lot sale were two rare salted paper prints by 19th century photographer Charles Leander Weed, and a portfolio of seventy prints that established good results for an influential, but little-known American photographer Hazel Kingsbury Strand.  Some of the results are as follows: ...more

by John Huckans
The True Believer (a new appreciation of Eric Hoffer's classic book)

Events of late have made me wonder if Darwin got it only half right.  I don't quarrel with the theory, as proposed in On the Origin of Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871), that modern man evolved from earlier primates and the earlier primates from mammals, that in all probability, evolved from even more primitive life forms.  Even though I don't pretend to be anything close to a biologist, it all just seems to make a lot of sense.  Some of us agree with Darwin's theories, some not.  Some people argue the subject heatedly, while others simply agree to disagree. That is what civilized people do.  What uncivilized people do is kill others who do not believe as they do. ...more

by Michael Pixley (from BSM of January 2011)
Keeping Fear Alive

Sometime in September (the precise date escapes me), I happened to hear a portion of a discussion on NPR discussing the latent emergence of  Islamophobia in the United States and how or if this was a partial manifestation of that fear that had already gripped significant portions of Europe.  Some symptoms of that disease in Europe were blatant: seeking to prevent Muslim women from wearing clothing that hid everything but the eyes (the hijab), or, in Switzerland, voters blocking the construction of minarets (tower from whence the summons to pray is announced) etc.  The learned speaker lamented these actions as unhelpful, unfair and counter-productive.  I found myself agreeing with all his observations.  He then suggested that much of this Islamophobia had roots in Medieval Europe and the exaggerated nature of the threat posed by Islam.  That is when I snapped. ...more

by John Huckans / Robert Kemp
Global Warming and the Greenland Question

Is climate change and global warming really occuring?  Robert Kemp thought so in 2005 and correctly points out that since change is the only real constant, a better question would be is it a good or bad thing?

The entire subject has become so politically-charged nowadays that calm and rational discussion has become nearly impossible, with name-calling the usual response to those who question the accepted political orthodoxy.  I think part of the problem is that people conflate pollution of the air (and water) with global warming and climate change, when they ought to be considered as distinct realities that are not always connected.  ...more

by Anthony Marshall
P is for Pacifism

I am highly delighted with my 8-volume Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Collier-Macmillan, New York 1967) which, for fifteen euros (about eighteen U.S. dollars) I bought at a market stall in Freiburg some months ago, and which, with aching arms, I lugged back home. Yes, this encyclopedia is now nearly fifty years out of date, but who cares? Plato, Kant, Nietzsche – their ideas surely don't have a use-by date.  All the big names, and all the big ideas, seem to be here: with useful biographies and summaries. You want a quick overview of 'Nonsense', or 'Epistemology' or a potted life of Heidegger? Here it is. ...more

by John Huckans
Catching Up With the News

For some reason newspapers seem to pile up effortlessly around here. We get a Syracuse paper on weekends, the local weekly, and the Financial Times (the pink one, based in the UK).  The FT gets most of my attention because of its solid coverage of world news and columns that include book reviews, the arts, finance, and opinion. The columnists I read most include Robin Lane Fox (recently retired Oxford classicist and gardening expert), David Tang (Agony Uncle), Gillian Tett, Harry Eyres, Lucy Kellaway, John Authers, and so on.  A lot to get through.

Mixed up near the bottom of my reading pile are a few overlooked papers still waiting to be read.  Hang on, here's one ...a Cincinnati daily with some interesting items. In the May 31st issue a correspondent from St. Louis writes: ...more

by John Huckans
The Importance of Nouns

At our Christmas party this past December one of our friends said if we should ever decide to put our house up for sale he’d pay us twenty percent more than the asking price with only one condition – we’d have to move out all our stuff in two weeks. I really can’t imagine there’s much chance of that happening –  any of our friends know perfectly well we could never do it in two months.  ...more

by Anthony Marshall
Reggie's Book Club

You get some strange looks, and some strange responses, when you tell people that the book you are currently reading is Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. It helps when you say that it wasn't actually your choice; it just happens to be this month's selection for Reggie's Book Club.  But even so.  The looks, and sometimes the comments, imply: What are you, an apparently decent retired old gentleman, doing reading such filth? Do you really get off on this stuff? Can we ever again leave you alone in a room with our twelve-year old daughter? Further inquiry teases out the admission that no, your interlocutor has never actually read Lolita, but ...more

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