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24th Vermont Book, Postcard & Ephemera Fair

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Book Fair Calendar

Austin Book & Paper Show.  Austin, TX.   January 13–14, 2017.

Pasadena Antiquarian Book Fair.  Pasadena, CA.   February 4–5, 2017.

Miami International Map Fair.  Miami, FL.   February 4–5, 2017.

California International Antiquarian Book Fair.  Oakland, CA.   February 10–12, 2017.     (more information)

Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair.  New York, NY.   February 18–19, 2017.

New York International Antiquarian Book Fair.  New York, NY.   March 9–12, 2017.

New York City Book & Ephemera Fair.  New York, NY.   March 10, 2017.

Manhattan Vintage Book & Ephemera Fair.  New York, NY.   March 11, 2017.     (more information)

Westmount Antiquarian Book Fair.  Montreal, QC (Canada).   March 11, 2017.

Ephemera 37.  Old Greenwich, CT.   March 17–19, 2017.

Papertown.  Boxborough, MA.   March 25, 2017.     (more information)

Virginia Antiquarian Book Fair.  Richmond, VA.   April 7–8, 2017.

Vermont Spring Book & Ephemera Show.  Burlington, VT.   April 8, 2017.     (more information)

Boston Book & Ephemera Fair.  Lexington, MA.   April 15, 2017.

Florida Antiquarian Book Fair.  St. Petersburg, FL.   April 21–23, 2017.     (more information)

Washington Antiquarian Book Fair.  Washington, DC.   April 28–29, 2017.

St.Louis Rare Book & Paper Arts Fair.  St. Louis, MO.   May 5–7, 2017.

Granite State Antiquarian Book & Ephemera Fair.  Concord, NH.   June 4, 2017.

Vintage Paper Fair.  Glendale, CA.   June 10–11, 2017.

Cooperstown Antiquarian Book Fair.  Cooperstown, NY.   June 24, 2017.

Pasadena Antiquarian Book Fair.  Pasadena, CA.   October 7–8, 2017.

Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair.  Boston, MA.   November 10–12, 2017.

Book Auction Calendar

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   January 12, 2017.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   January 12, 2017.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   January 17, 2017.     (more information)

Sotheby’s.  New York, NY.   January 18, 2017.

Bonham’s.  London, England.   January 19, 2017.

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   January 25, 2017.

Christie’s.  New York, NY.   January 25, 2017.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   January 26, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   January 26, 2017.     (more information)

Skinner, Inc..  Boston, MA.   January 27, 2017.

Bonham’s.  London, England.   February 1, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   February 1, 2017.     (more information)

Forum Auctions.  Rome, Italy.   February 7, 2017.

Sotheby’s.  Paris, France.   February 8, 2017.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   February 12, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   February 14, 2017.     (more information)

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   February 15, 2017.

Freeman’s.  Philadelphia, PA.   February 17, 2017.     (more information)

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   February 22, 2017.

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   February 23, 2017.     (more information)

Bonham’s.  London, England.   March 1, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   March 2, 2017.     (more information)

Heritage Auctions.  New York, NY.   March 8–9, 2017.

Bonham’s.  New York, NY.   March 8, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   March 9, 2017.     (more information)

PBA Galleries.  San Francisco, CA.   March 9, 2017.     (more information)

Lyon & Turnbull.  Edinburgh, Scotland.   March 15, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   March 16, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   March 21, 2017.     (more information)

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   March 22, 2017.

Christie’s.  Paris, France.   March 23, 2017.

Sotheby’s.  London, England.   March 28, 2017.

Christie’s.  London, England.   March 29, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   March 30, 2017.     (more information)

Forum Auctions.  London, England.   March 30, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   April 6, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   April 20, 2017.     (more information)

Bonham’s.  New York, NY.   April 25, 2017.

Lyon & Turnbull.  Edinburgh, Scotland.   April 26, 2017.

Christie’s.  London, England.   April 26, 2017.

Doyle.  New York, NY.   April 26, 2017.

Freeman’s.  Philadelphia, PA.   April 26, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   April 27, 2017.     (more information)

Doyle.  New York, NY.   May 1, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   May 2, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   May 4, 2017.     (more information)

Heritage Auctions.  Dallas, TX.   May 10–11, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   May 11, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   May 16, 2017.     (more information)

Lyon & Turnbull.  Edinburgh, Scotland.   May 17, 2017.

Christie’s.  London, England.   May 18, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   May 25, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   June 7, 2017.     (more information)

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   June 13, 2017.     (more information)

Bonham’s.  London, England.   June 14, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   June 15, 2017.

Swann Galleries.  New York, NY.   August 2, 2017.     (more information)

Heritage Auctions.  Dallas, TX.   September 14, 2017.

Bonham’s.  London, England.   November 22, 2017.

Swann Galleries Offers Meyerhoff Collection of Alphonse Mucha

On Thursday, January 26, Swann Galleries will open their 2017 auction season with Alphonse Mucha & Masters of Art Nouveau: The Harry C. Meyerhoff Collection, the largest such collection of works by the master and his circle ever to come to auction.  More than half of the over 200 lots in the sale are works by Mucha, tracing the artist’s career from his time in Prague, to Paris and New York. The selection offers rare views into ůmore

Fine Literature from PBA Galleries

On January 26th, 2017, PBA Galleries will offer a sale of Fine Literature and Modern First Editions. The sale comprises more than 500 lots of rare and collectible novels, poetry, dramatic works, and more.  Among the modern highpoints are works by Samuel Beckett, Ernest Bramah, Richard Brautigan, Charles Bukowski, William Faulkner, Ian Fleming, Ernest Hemingway, Aldous Huxley, Jack Kerouac, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and John Steinbeck.  Classic fiction by authors such as Mark Twain, Frank Norris, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, and Oscar Wilde is also included.  Also offered are ůmore

California International Antiquarian Book Fair

The 50th California International Antiquarian Book Fair, recognized as one of the world's largest and most important exhibitions of antiquarian and rare books, returns to the bay area of Northern California to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Friday, February 10 through Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the Oakland Marriott City Center.
Sponsored by the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America (ABAA) and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) and featuring the collections and treasures of nearly 200 booksellers from over 20 countries around the world, the three-day Fair ůmore

Art of the Symbolist Book Opens at the Morgan on January 20th

Delirium: The Art of the Symbolist Book, opening January 20 at the Morgan Library & Museum, explores creative encounters between Symbolist authors and the artists in their circles. The movement coalesced during the second half of the nineteenth century as writers in France and Belgium sought a new form of art—one that referenced the visible world as symbols that correlate to ideas and states of mind. The Symbolists celebrated subjectivity, expressed through a nuanced language of reverie, delirium, mysticism, and ecstasy. For these writers, literature suggests meaning rather than defines it. The Symbolist movement was a revolt against naturalism, ůmore

Exhibition of 75 Masterpieces from Sweden's National Museum opens at the Morgan on February 3rd

The Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s largest and most distinguished art institution, is collaborating with the Morgan Library & Museum to bring more than seventy-five masterpieces from its renowned collections to New York in an extraordinary new exhibition opening February 3. The show features work by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Raphael, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt van Rijn, Antoine Watteau, and François Boucher, and is the first collaboration between the two institutions in almost fifty years.  ůmore

by John Huckans
The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (Or, A Plea for a Renewed Red Scare)

Remember Peanutgate?  Didn't think so, because I just made it up.  At any rate, back in 2012 the grandson of a former president and one-time peanut farmer caused a bit of a ruckus by tracking down the source of a secretly recorded video of a meeting between Mitt Romney with some Florida campaign contributors in which Romney made some candid remarks about the 47% who were unlikely to support him in any case.  James Carter arranged to have the 'hacked' video leaked to Mother Jones magazine and according to CNN on February 21, 2013 . . . ůmore

by Anthony B. Marshall
Getting to Know the Doctor

As far as I know, I am one of only two members of the Johnson Society of Australia who are booksellers.  I strongly suspect that I am the only one who has ever felt ambivalent, even fraudulent, about his membership.  Although I am not, I think, an unclubable man, when I attended my first (and only) meeting of the society, held in the elegant upstairs chambers of Bell's Hotel in South Melbourne, I skulked in the background, feeling like an interloper, an impostor. I was the Great Sham of Literature. Why?  For one thing, at the time I had not read more than odd fragments of Dr. Johnson's writings.  For another, a lot of what I had read fairly made my blood boil.  And yet, and yet.  Something about the man, while it repelled me, also attracted me, fascinated me, sucked me in.  Enough, clearly, to make me want to join the club, pay my dues and turn up at the meeting.  Not as a saboteur or as a heckler but in good faith.  Even so, at that Johnson Society meeting ůmore

Prices Achieved at Recent Auctions

20th Century Artists Dominate December Art Books Auction

Works by and about twentieth century artists dominated the scene at Swann Galleries’ biannual sale of Art, Press & Illustrated Books on Thursday, December 1.  Of the top 20 lots in the sale, only two were published before 1900. The sale also broke several auction records. The highlight of the sale was a rare limited edition of Das Werk von Gustav Klimt, 1918, the only monograph published in the artist’s lifetime. The retrospective work, with richly printed collotype plates, ten in color with gold and silver highlights, sold to a collector for $60,000. ůmore

by John Huckans
The Long National Nightmare

Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose...

I think our presidential elections have become perpetual reality television for many reasons – for one thing it gives steady employment to political reporters and a lot of advertising revenue for people in the television news business.  We might hope it will be over and done with come November 8th, but I suspect this is the nightmare that won't go away.  My pretty safe prediction is that barely six months into 2017 some television 'news reporters' with nothing better to do will be stirring up speculation about likely candidates for 2020 and start the cycle all over again.  I placed 'news reporters' in single quotes because by now it must be fairly obvious that journalists have all but given up their traditional role of being disinterested professionals and have become enthusiastic and unashamed curators ůmore

by John C. Huckans
Trumped, Part II (or is this 1856 all over again?)

The day after the California primary the television news organizations lost little time analyzing the results.  My personal bias, shared by many others, is of someone who being unable to support either major party candidate, will be going the third party route for the fourth consecutive election cycle.  My respect for Bernie Sanders, even though I disagreed with him on several issues, is now moot.  So it might well be 1856 all over again, but more on that later.

Honest television news coverage is hard to come by, but I find the PBS News Hour the least objectionable of the lot – no pharmaceutical ads or breathless celebration of pop culture personalities is a pretty good competitive advantage.  Having said that, I was quite surprised (well, not really) by the list of guest analysts Judy Woodruff had on the News Hour the day after the primary.  The three she invited to analyze Mrs. Clinton's big win in California and consequent locking up of the Democrat nomination, took turns gushing, giggling and swooning over the prospect of a ůmore

Uncommon Books Offered by Various Booksellers

(The Battle of Chatillon - Rare History of 2nd Corps Aero School)   Wurzburg, Lt. Donald B.  The Battle of Chatillon.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dean-Hicks Publ., 1919.   First edition, 8x11", 136pp, heavily photo illus., roster of pilot graduates to include sqdn of follow-on assignment.  Condition as-new.   Interesting story:  in about 1975-80 I saw an ad for this book from Don's Book Store in my hometown of Grand Rapids.  I ordered a copy and it came wrapped in manila paper as from the publisher.  I called Don and he said he discovered a case of these books in a warehouse.  He had 10 copies left and I bought them all.   This one came back to me from a collection I purchased.  Very, very rare.   $225.00   (more on this and other books available from Early Aeronautica)

Roosevelt, Theodore.  A Book-Lover's Holidays In The Open.  New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1916.  First Edition.  Hardcover.  Octavo; pp. x,(vi), 373, (ii), appendices, ad leaf for Life Histories; Illustrated; color frontispiece by Ted Pitman, and two additional black and white illustrations; blue cloth, gilt device, top edge gilt.  A collection of varied pieces from hunting cougars to Hopi...  $125.00   (more on this and other books available from Theodore Roosevelt Books)

Burns, Robert.  Works of  Robert Burns.   London;: James Cochrane and Co. 1834.  The works in eight volumes with a biographical sketch by Allan Cunningham and the preface to the first Kilmanock (1786) in the first volume; and second Edinburgh (1787) edition reprinted in the second volume.  First of this edition.  Bound in full leather; red spine with raised bands; and green boards.  Six spine compartments with gilt designs.  Gilt border lines with circles at each corner.  Marbled endpapers and top edge gilt.  Contains his poetry, prose and letters.  Each volume has an engraved frontispiece – the first is of Burns – and pictorial title-pages, as well as the regular printed title page.  All volumes have 1834 in gilt at bottom of spines.  Tasteful bookplate of John Randolph Harrison on front pastedowns.  Very attractive set.   $1,000.00  (more on this and other books available from Quill & Brush)

De Bury, Richard.  Philobiblon: A Treatise on the Love of Books.; The English translation thereof made by John Bellingham Inglis, with introduction by Charles Orr, Librarian of Case Library, Cleveland.   New York: Meyer Brothers, 1899. Limited Edition. Original Boards. pp: xxxvi, 143.  Bound in brown boards, paper spine label; top edges gilt, others rough-trimmed; clear tape applied over spine.  Collector's book ticket and pencilled name and address on endpapers. 9" x 6.25"  Limited to 500 copies, of which this is #437. $45.00  (more on this and other books available from R & A Petrilla)

Solis [y Ribadeneyra], Antonio de.  The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. Translated from the Original Spanish of Don Antonio de Solis [y Ribadeneyra], Secretary and Historiographer to His Catholick Majesty, by Thomas Townsend, Esq; The whole Translation Revised and Corrected by Nathanael [sic] Hooke, Esq;… The Third Edition. London: Printed for H. Lintot; J. Whiston and B. White, at Mr. Boyle’s Head, and L. Davis, at Lord Bacon’s Head, both in Fleet-street; and D. Wilson, at Plato’s Head, in the Strand, MDCCLIII [1753].  12mo., xvi, 384, folding frontispiece, 2 folding maps, 4 folding plates; x, 386pp., 2 folding plates.  Bound in contemporary full calf, double-ruled gilt borders, raised bands, red leather labels intact.  SABIN 86491.  According to Sabin copies held by the Library of Congress, Library Company of Philadelphia, New York Public Library et al. have only two plates in volume 2.   External hinges of volume 1 tender and beginning to crack, o/w a very nice set with plates in brilliant condition.  $750.00   (more on this and other books available from John C. Huckans Books)

[Frederic W.] Goudy as the Maker of an Illuminated “Medieval” Manuscript.
Bible. Manuscript. O.T. Ecclesiastes. ca. 1903.  Manuscript. “Ecclesiastes[,] or the preacher. No place [Park Ridge, IL; Hingham, MA]: no date [ca. 1903–06]. 8vo (21 x 13 cm; 8.25" x 5.125"). [56] ff.  $25,000.00   (more on this and other books available from Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts) ůmore

Martin Luther at the Morgan

Five hundred years ago a monk in a backwater town at the edge of Germany took on the most powerful men in Europe—the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope—and he won.  Martin Luther’s Reformation ranks among the most successful religious movements in history, altering western society and culture forever, and was a testament to his creative use of communications, notably rapidly evolving print technology, to promote his views. ůmore

News & Notes

Hobart Book Village

Hay-on-Wye established itself as the first book town in the world and remains the most famous thanks to the pioneering efforts and promotional talents of Richard Booth.  Other rural villages have tried to emulate that model but few have had lasting success.  Book towns are essentially cooperative efforts and the fact that many have been launched to great fanfare and later faded to oblivion points out the obvious – initial passion needs to be sustained by dedication and hard work.  One success that was featured over in the Guardian, delves into the interesting back story about how the Hobart Book Village ůmore

by John Huckans
The True Believer (a new appreciation of Eric Hoffer's classic book)

Events of late have made me wonder if Darwin got it only half right.  I don't quarrel with the theory, as proposed in On the Origin of Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871), that modern man evolved from earlier primates and the earlier primates from mammals, that in all probability, evolved from even more primitive life forms.  Even though I don't pretend to be anything close to a biologist, it all just seems to make a lot of sense.  Some of us agree with Darwin's theories, some not.  Some people argue the subject heatedly, while others simply agree to disagree. That is what civilized people do.  What uncivilized people do is kill others who do not believe as they do. ůmore

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