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Leslie Hindman Auctineers
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Vermont Summer Book Fair 2024
40th Annual Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Fair
Potter Auctions
PRB&M/SessaBks at The Arsenal

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Feature Articles
30 May 2024Doings at the Morgan...
25 Apr 2024Doings at the Morgan...
16 Mar 2024The Morgan Library & Museum Presents: Walton Ford: Birds and Beasts of the Studio
16 Feb 2024Beatrix Potter Exhibition at The Morgan Library
16 Jan 2024Hindman, to Merge with America's Oldest Auction House, Freeman’s
13 Dec 2023Outstanding Results at Potter & Potter Auctions Magicana Sale
30 Nov 2023Results of Hindman's Recent Fine Books & Manuscripts Auctions
18 Oct 2023Ricky Jay Collection Part II Fetches Nearly $518,000
16 Oct 2023Potter & Potter's Antarctic Expedition Sale Realizes $630,000
18 Sep 2023Doings at the Morgan: Early Modern Illustrated Herbals, Opening October 6
12 Jul 2023A Season of Book Auctions at Swann
14 Jun 2023Potter & Potter's Fine Books & Manuscripts Sale Realizes $628,000
5 Jun 2023PBA's Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Horror Auction totals $500,000
19 May 2023Results of Hindman's May 11th Books & Manuscripts Sale
5 May 2023Some Results of Freeman's May 3rd Books & Manuscripts Sale
6 Apr 2023Swann's African Americana Sale
8 Mar 2023Outsider Artists Lead Hindman's Auction of Susan Craig Collection
24 Feb 2023Potter & Potter Auctions' Fine Books & Manuscripts Sale Exceeds $630,000
1 Feb 2023Vermont Spring Book & Paper Fair Changes Hands Donna Howard
9 Dec 2022Exceptional Al Capone Letters, Books & Manuscripts by Historically Important Figures Perform Well at Hindman
18 Nov 2022Washington Letter to Jefferson Exceeds Estimate
15 Nov 2022Old Editions
11 Nov 2022Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts
11 Nov 2022Exceptional Books from Back of Beyond (Moab, Utah)
17 Oct 2022A Selection from D & D Galleries
13 Oct 2022Gibson's Books
27 Sep 2022Freeman’s September 21 Auction
6 Aug 2022Biblio Paradiso (24/7/365)
5 Jul 2022Hermann Collection Achieves Nearly $1 Million at Hindman
3 May 2022Sales Results of PBA's April 21st Sale
3 Mar 2022Contemporary & Modern Art at Hindman
3 Mar 2022Fine Books & Manuscripts at Potter & Potter
15 Jan 2022PBA's January 27th Auction Results
14 Jan 2022What Is the Great Reset? Michael Rectenwald
10 Jan 2022The Year at Hindman
14 Dec 2021November Sales at Swann Bring $6.7M, with a Record for David Hockney
18 Nov 2021Results of Hindman's Antiquities & Ethnographic Art Auction
12 Nov 2021Fine Printed Books & Manuscripts Auction Nearly Doubles Presale Estimate
5 Oct 2021The Polonsky Exhibition of The New York Public Library’s Treasures
4 Oct 2021Full Measure News (October 3)
1 Sep 2021Fine Books & Manuscripts Sale Achieves Record Results
9 Jul 2021Important Americana & Rare Cartography at PBA's July 8th Sale
15 May 2021Results of Hindman's May 12 Auction
7 May 2021Hindman's Fine Art Sales Week
23 Mar 2021Results of Potter & Potter's March 13 Fine Books & Manuscripts Sale
12 Feb 2021WPA Artists at Swann
11 Dec 2020Hobart Book Village (of the Catskills) Paul Grondahl
23 Nov 2020Results of Recent Fine Books & Manuscripts Auction
20 Nov 2020Old Master and Modern Prints at Swann
26 Oct 2020October Travel Poster Auction - Prices Realized
30 Sep 2020A Jersey Lesson in Voter Fraud (reprinted with permission) Thomas Fleming (Society of American Historians)
25 Sep 2020Potter & Potter's Auction Achieves Solid Prices
20 Sep 2020Hobart Book Village Profiled on CGTV
10 Sep 2020Hindman Breaks Record for Top Lot Sold at Auction
19 Aug 2020Confessions of a Voter Fraud... (or contributions to American political history - ed. note) Jon Levine
15 May 2020Hindman's Spring Fine Art Sales Exceed Estimates and Break Records
12 May 2020Strong Results from PBA's May 7th Americana Sale
23 Apr 2020Potter & Potter's April 18 Fine Books & Manuscripts Sale Totals $364,000
4 Mar 2020Jane Austen Star of February 20th Fine Books & Manuscripts Auction
3 Jan 2020London in June (or the way things were in 2002, lately not so much - ed. note) Wilfrid de Freitas
20 Dec 2019Results of Maps, Atlases & Color Plate Books Sale
13 Nov 2019Results of Swann's October 24th Auction
7 Oct 2019Results of Swann's Printed & Manuscript Americana Auction
15 Aug 2019Results of Swann's Summer Poster Auction
26 Jun 2019Lewis Evans Map Fetches $125,000 at Swann
27 Apr 2019Records Set in Recent Americana Sale
18 Apr 2019Garry R. Austin Karen Austin
3 Apr 2019Auction Record for Mohawk Chief & Loyalist Joseph Brant
3 Apr 2019Printed & Manuscript African Americana
24 Dec 2018Currier & Ives Print with Ties to Thomas W. Streeter Sets Record at Swann
14 Nov 2018The Diary of a Bookseller (a review) Danna D'Esopo Jackson
1 Nov 2018Signed & Inscribed Oscar Wilde Play Leads Literature Auction
3 Oct 2018Americana Continues to Outperform at Swann
6 Aug 2018Swann's Summer Vintage Poster Auction
27 Jun 2018Results of Revolutionary War & Presidential Americana Auction
26 Mar 2018Letters to the Editor
8 Jan 2018Uncommon, Interesting & Rare Books Offered by Our Supporters and Sponsors
6 Jan 2018The Chicago Book Scene: Breaking with Tradition Carlos Martínez
7 Nov 2017Books and Bookselling in Cuba Carlos Martinez
23 Aug 2017Who Is Hans Sachs? Charles E. Gould, Jr.
21 May 2017Homage to Charlie Everitt Anonymous
20 Mar 2017The Shops Charles E. Gould, Jr.
12 Dec 2016Getting to Know the Doctor Anthony B. Marshall
11 Mar 2016How Chicago Lost One of America's Best Book Fairs: A Short history of Printers Row Carlos Martinez
6 Mar 2016A Dog for Dr. Bierbrauer Anthony Marshall
25 Aug 2015Death of a Book Store Michael Pixley
30 Jun 2015A Body in a Library Anthony Marshall
20 Jan 2015Keeping Fear Alive Michael Pixley (from BSM of January 2011)
10 Dec 2014P is for Pacifism Anthony Marshall
13 Aug 2014Reggie's Book Club Anthony Marshall
14 Jul 2014The Shia/Sunni Shuffle Michael Pixley
7 Jul 2014A Scottish Play? Anthony Marshall
19 May 2014Permanent Ink John Howard Huckans
19 Apr 2014Much Ado about Someone Anthony Marshall
17 Feb 2014Melbourne Moments Anthony Marshall
17 Dec 2013A Sleeping Beauty Anthony Marshall
6 Nov 2013An Afternoon in Canterbury Anthony Marshall
23 Sep 2013A Day in Canterbury: Morning Anthony Marshall
9 Sep 2013Books, Betrayal and Berlusconi Anthony Marshal
1 Aug 2013Of Royals and Royalties Anthony Marshall
29 Apr 2013Wanderlust, with Wheelbarrows Anthony Marshall
27 Feb 2013Let Me Unclarify That Michael Pixley
1 Nov 2012Footloose in Freiburg Anthony Marshall
1 Jul 2012Bookselling in Chicago: Past & Present Carlos Martinez
23 Apr 2012A Bird of Passage Anthony Marshall
4 Mar 2012John Sard.... John Who? Michael Pixley
25 Dec 2011Viva la Repubblica! Anthony Marshall
23 Oct 2011Going, Going...Groan Michael Pixley
28 Aug 2011On the Describing of Books Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 May 2011A Slow Bookshop Anthony Marshall
1 Nov 2010What Great Writers Read is Wodehouse Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Sep 2010Still Life with Goanna? Anthony Marshall
1 Jul 2010What was that price again? Michael Pixley
1 May 2010Remembering Charles E. Feinberg Roy Meador
1 Mar 2010The Fragrant Bookshop Anthony Marshall
1 Jan 2010Forgetting History Michael Pixley
1 Nov 2009“Tell Everybody I’m Alive” Roy Meador
1 Sep 2009The Excellent Foppery of the World Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Jul 2009Sin and the Art of Bookselling Anthony Marshall
1 May 2009The Redemption of Theron Ware Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Mar 2009Islam As It Was – Part 2 Michael Pixley
1 Jan 2009Islam As It Was Michael Pixley
1 Nov 2008Minding My Languages Anthony Marshall
1 Sep 2008Works of Art Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Jul 2008“First Thus” and “Mish” Michael Pixley
1 May 2008Two Laureates Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Mar 2008Stumbling on Steiner Anthony Marshall
1 Jan 2008Iraq Then and Now: A Bibliographical Essay Michael Pixley
1 Nov 2007Baedeker Guide Books Amy Gale
1 Sep 2007That Strange and Wise Old Howl Roy Meador
1 Jul 2007Dull Old Saws and Boring Drills Charles, E. Gould, Jr.
1 May 2007An Australian (or two) in Paris Anthony Marshall
1 Mar 2007To Write, Or Not to Write Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Jan 2007The Ephemera of Protest Diane DeBlois
1 Nov 2006Twenty Years After: An Adventure in Underland Anthony Marshall
1 Sep 2006Journeys To Greeneland Roy Meador
1 Jul 2006A Musing Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 May 2006All Jammed Up Anthony Marshall
1 Mar 2006Books & Ben Roy Meador
1 Jan 2006Dust Jackets & Edgar Wallace Diane De Blois
1 Nov 2005Letters Pray Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Sep 2005Wondering in Wonthaggi Anthony Marshall
1 Jul 2005Frederick Faust, Pulp Writer and Poet Roy Meador
1 May 2005Rumpole and the Constant Reader Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Mar 2005Weeping Walrus and Gingerbread, or A Comb Through the Mustache Anthony Marshall
1 Nov 2004Truth, Beauty, and Keats Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Sep 2004Books, Wars, and the ASEs Roy Meador
1 Jul 2004The Price is in the Asking Tom Benton
1 May 2004Lifetime Sentences Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Mar 2004Of Saints, Sex and Censorship Anthony Marshall
1 Jan 2004When the Comics Migrate from the Funnies Diane DeBlois
1 Nov 2003September and Thomas Paine Roy Meador
1 Sep 2003The Literary Offenses of Robert B. Parker Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Jul 2003Fluffy Bookshops: or Every Man his Own Bookseller Anthony Marshall
1 May 2003Plagiarize, Publish, and Perish Charles E. Gould, Jr.
1 Dec 2001Oh Jerusalem! Anthony Marshall
30 Nov -0001Maps, Atlases, Natural History & Color Plate Books at Swann Galleries
30 Nov -0001A Season of Book Auctions at Swann
Editorial Comment
9 May 2024Together We Thrive - Divided Not So Much
14 Apr 2024The Iron Cage, a Review
1 Mar 2024A Book Club of One
14 Jun 2023On Political Realignment (or Fear and Loathing inside the Beltway)
17 Jan 2023End of the Road for a College
22 Sep 2022Civil War Isn’t Funny
8 Aug 2022Race to the Bottom (or plumbing the depths)
21 Jun 2022Dreadnought & Saying Goodbye
6 May 2022Reflections on the 2020 Election (Part 5)
15 Jan 2022Reflections on the 2020 Election (Part 4)
13 Jan 2022Reflections on the 2020 Election (Part 3)
12 Jan 2022Reflections on the 2020 Election (Part 2)
11 Jan 2022Reflections on the 2020 Election (Part 1)
8 Dec 2021Is Ensuring Election Integrity Anti-Democratic?
19 Aug 2021Family Letters (reprinted from October 2020)
14 Dec 2020The Last Book Shop
10 Dec 2020Book Fairs in 2021?
4 Nov 2020Sorry Cassandra
2 Jul 2020Springtime for Snowflakes (A Review)
30 May 2020An Early Look at the 2020 Election (or Notes from Flyover Country)
14 Feb 2020Mulberry Sellers' Ingenious Plan to Supply Climates Upon Demand
10 Oct 2019The Red Scare Continues...
12 Aug 2019In Praise of Follies
27 Feb 2018The Russians Are Still Coming! (Or, Keeping the Red Scare Alive)
7 Jan 2018The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (Or, A Plea for a Renewed Red Scare)
23 May 2017Trumped, Part II (or is this 1856 all over again?)
24 Apr 2017Cooperstown & Notes from the Garden
1 Nov 2016The Long National Nightmare
15 Aug 2016The True Believer (a new appreciation of Eric Hoffer's classic book)
9 Apr 2016Trumped!
2 Jan 2016Global Warming and the Greenland Question
30 Nov 2015Some Thoughts on the Morgan's Hemingway Exhibit
2 Oct 2015The Oregon Tragedy
1 Dec 2014Catching Up With the News
23 Sep 2014The Importance of Nouns
1 Jan 2014Enemies of Book Stores
5 Nov 2013Giving Wisely & Raising Awareness
2 Oct 2013Summer of 2013: Random Notes
4 Sep 2013Review of "Shows, Shops & Auctions"
9 Jul 2013The Last Bookshop & Statistics Show...
27 Feb 2013Another Publication Goes Digital & Narcissism’s Darker Side
1 Jan 2013Two Reviews and an Update
1 Nov 2012Politics & Pandering
27 Aug 2012Fine Reading Instruments
1 Jul 2012Peter Porcupine Rides Again
23 Apr 2012Paul Minet
4 Mar 2012The Importance of Nouns
25 Dec 2011The Contrarian Bookman
23 Oct 2011Giving Wisely & Books in Buffalo
28 Aug 2011Reference Is Not a Verb
26 Jun 2011A Summer Salmagundi
1 May 2011Books, Bookselling, and a March Surprise
1 Mar 2011Ephemeridae or Paper for More Than a Day?
1 Jan 2011Walking on Water in Venice
1 Nov 2010My Way or No Way
1 Sep 2010Voting With Your Feet...
1 Jul 2010Plus Ça Change...
1 May 2010Books in Georgia
1 Mar 2010From the Boar’s Nest
1 Jan 2010Four Book Fairs and Changes Ahead
1 Nov 2009Stuffing It Under the Mattress
1 Sep 2009Fighting Back in the Digital Age
1 Jul 2009Some Bookstores from the Past
1 May 2009Making Lemonade
1 Mar 2009Books, Publishing and Hard Times
1 Jan 2009Covering All the Bases
1 Nov 2008Living in Interesting Times
1 Sep 2008Voting for Small Change
1 Jul 2008Notes on High Latitudes
1 May 2008Jekyll Island and the Fed
1 Mar 2008Charging Your Books
1 Jan 2008An Inconvenient Paper Trail
1 Nov 2007Back to the Future
1 Sep 2007Yin and Yang of the Everyday
1 Jul 2007A Buyer’s Market
1 May 2007Can’t Live with It, Can’t Live without It
1 Mar 2007One Hundred Years of Latitude
1 Jan 2007A New Revolution?
1 Nov 2006Books in the Country
1 Sep 2006Books, Newspapers & Politics
1 Jul 2006Confessions of a Packrat
1 May 2006Religion by the Book?
1 Mar 2006Haveth Information Everywhere
1 Jan 2006Quo Vadimus?
1 Nov 2005May I Have a Word?
1 Sep 2005Murder, Terrorism and the O.E.D.
1 Jul 2005Book Towns Revisited
1 May 2005Following the Paper Trail
1 Mar 2005And the Beat Goes On…
1 Jan 2005On the Road, or Books, Badgers and Cavaliers
1 Nov 2004Competition and Survival
1 Sep 2004Party Time
1 Jul 2004Abigail & John
1 May 2004Revisiting the Past
1 Jan 2004Alexander the Great
1 Jul 2003Books, Diaries & History
9 Jul 1970Summer Book Fairs and the Open Road
9 Jan 1970Helping a Friend